Stepping Off


Many people would tell me that this photo is only fit for the trash folder but I disagree. You see I took that photo on a very rainy day heading into the office in the city of London. It sums up how I came to feel about life at that time. I was lost, confused, exhausted and miserable. Every day rushed by in a blur, morning and night taken up with commuting and each weekend stolen by sleep.

I read an article in The Guardian today  which stated that “UK has worst quality of life in Europe”   a line stood out to me

We may still be enjoying the fourth highest household income in Europe, but the high cost of living means we are living to work.

I was one of those people who fell into the trap of living to work and in the end it broke me.  It was that experience that finally helped me to make the full time move to Austria. Life here is very different, so quiet and peaceful.

Just before I made that decision to leave I wrote the following,

I am working to earn the money to pay for a house in Austria that I can’t live in, I cant afford the flights to visit the house for a holiday because I am spending money (every spare penny) to help me to work to pay for the house that I can’t live in.

I am working to earn money to pay for a car to commute to Liverpool 3 days a week to earn money to pay for a house in Austria that I can’t live in

I am working to earn money to pay rent on a flat that I live in 3 days a week so that I can have a break from living in a hotel 3 nights a week when I commute to London to earn money to pay for a house that I can’t  live in

I am tired, I am exhausted, I no longer know what it is that I should be doing.

I now have a very modest income, I dont have the latest iphone, smart TV, car. I do have a beautiful home that I get to spend time in, countryside galore on my doorstep, towns and cities within a very short drive, snow, sun, lakes, mountains, rivers, meadows and forests.

A Telegraph article recently stated that London and Liverpool revealed as England’s mental health spots.  I lived in both of those places and I can honestly say that my mental health suffered when I lived and worked in London.

When I have a dark day now I take a step back and  I look at that picture of a rainy commute, I read those words that I wrote and I am  thankful that I had the opportunity to step off that merry go round and take a seat in my very own Cwtch Corner.



5 thoughts on “Stepping Off

    1. Thank you. I don’t know how to be anything but honest other than often choosing to edit out the negatives. Life isn’t always rosy despite what we read in others blogs and feed


  1. This made me cry a little bit. Sums up so.many people’s lives. I go full time next week following my EO posting. Thankfully still on my doorstep but am anxious about my quality of life. Some weeks I’m aware that I have literally rushed around without lifting my head then spend my days off exhausted and trying to sleep.
    Thanks for making me think a little.
    I am sooooon pleased for you and your peace of mind xxxx


    1. I’m sorry to make you cry. Life overwhelms all of us at times. Knowing when to step back is hard. Congratulations on your promotion. I know that you will recognise when to stop. I often admire how you cope with life.


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