I believe.

dandelion, wish upon, blow


She didn’t really believe that wishes came true but it couldn’t hurt to give it  a go now could it? Sure what was the worst that could happen?

Closing her eyes and thinking on the current problem that was taking up her whole life right now she pondered on what she could wish for. She needed to be sure that whoever heard the wish and had the power to grant it would fully understand her need to find a way out of today’s latest disaster. After all, it isn’t like the powers that be could be fully akin to what was going on now could they?

After what seemed like a lifetime pondering, when in reality it was a mere few seconds, she took a deep breath, held it, thought of the words and then blew with all of her might as she spoke them in her head. Quickly opening her eyes she watched the dandelion flower heads scattering their minute florets on the breeze, drifting off to settle into the meadow and plant their seeds to help grow more wish enablers.

It occurred to her that her life had been much like the flower head of the dandelion for quite some time. Each decision she made had drifted on the breeze, settling, pollinating and creating yet another disaster.

Suddenly a shuffling noise caught her attention and she noticed a pair of deep dark brown eyes peering out of the azalea bush regarding her with trepidation. Clambering up from the grass where she had been sitting cross legged for way too long she limped slowly towards the bush looking around to see if she could see a wayward owner searching for their lost bundle of joy as she shoved her hand into her pocket looking for the biscuit that she had stuffed in there at the coffee shop earlier. Hoping that the treat may coax out the scared little dog.  All of a sudden the bush exploded and a golden ball of fluff hurtled itself towards her launching into the air and crashing full pelt into her legs. She felt her whole body lifting in the air and twisted in an attempt to make sure that she landed as softly as possible before finally feeling the pain searing through her body as she crashed to the ground and passed out.

“Hello, are you ok?” she heard a faint voice in the distance.

“I don’t know” she replied, slowly lifting her arms to her head to check for blood and then pushing herself up slowly. Blinking into the sunlight she gazed up at the old man bending over her. “I think I am ok, I can move my arms and my legs and my head seems to be in one piece” she muttered with an attempt to smile at him.

“Well, that is good ” he snapped, “pity the dog isn’t as resilient then isn’t it” pointing at her side.

Turning her head she noticed the bundle of fur whimpering and lying curled into a ball on the grass.

Oh no, this was not what she needed right now. A dog needing a vet was not how she expected her wish to be granted. Not at all how she imagined she would meet him again and try to explain.


To be continued…………

inspired by two Daily Post Word prompts Disaster and Breath










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